Project Plan

Solid Plan, Perfect Car

At Sport Leicht we believe in starting the restoration or preservation process with a well thought out, detailed project plan. A successful project plan should focus on three areas:

  • Written work-statement
  • Comprehensive billing system
  • Audit trail system.

A shop that can't supply a detailed description of the project, or that doesn't make this investment in planning your restoration, should not be considered for the job.

Other shops may use different terminology, but in general, a restoration project can be broken down into the plan, the bill, and the audit. Regardless of the terminology that is used, all three aspects should be addressed in your vehicle's plan. Keep in mind that the professionalism and completeness of the initial plan that's produced by your restorer is probably a good indication of that restorer's concept of management. A sloppy or incomplete plan will not produce a precise investment quality restoration or a reasonable time schedule.

Thank you Sportsleicht Team for your quality work on my cars. Your attention to detail gives me full confidence in driving them regularly!Marc Noel