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1955 Mercedes 190 SL

Having just won BEST In SHOW at the 2003 International 190SL Convention my customer turns to last year’s winner, also one of my customers, and says, just loud enough for me to hear it, “Bet he can’t do that again”. I ask, did I just hear a challenge? They look at each other and say “why not? This could be fun”. And so a star is born. The project starts in December 2003 with the acquisition of the donor car and is completed in September 2004 in time for the convention. Surprise it wins BEST IN SHOW. This turned out to be the third year in a row we produced a BEST IN SHOW winner.

For an unbiased opinion of the quality of work done, look at the YouTube video by Wayne Carini of Chasing Classic Cars fame at http://youtu.be/J0k2PUzAVLY.

As It Arrived

The End Result