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1968 SHELBY Mustang GT 350

Having been purchased from the daughter of the original owner with only 25,000 miles on it and being told it had a minor accident, the car came to us for an inspection. It was determined that the accident was far from minor and had twisted the frame/body all the way back to the rear axle. There was an inch of washers under the seat frame to make it level. We saved all the external sheet metal, roof, rear section behind the seats and the inner front panels in the engine compartment. The front frame, fire wall, floors and rockers all had to be replaced with the car on a jig to level everything.

After replacing the entire frame and substructure we are back to an original Shelby with all its markings on the original sheet metal were the factory placed them. All the interior and drive train is also original.

The work started in July 2012 and the car went back to the owner July 2015. It took three years to make it right.

As It Arrived

The End Result