All Cars Require Maintenance

All cars require maintenance. New cars come with mileage and time constraints. It is easy to follow these rules since we drive our cars daily. But, what about our old collector vehicles? When was the last time you drove it, or had it serviced? When was the last time you checked your brake system?

All Lubricants and oils get old and lose their lubricity just as gas get stale. Brake fluid, being hydroscopic, will absorb moisture and rust out the system.

The easy solution to all this is to make up a calendar with a schedule you can check off. You should do this service every six months. If you cannot do it yourself make sure you find a service company that is familiar with the older cars and all their peculiar requirements for lubrication. If you have an original lubrication chart, bring it with you. Modern service shops have no idea where to even look for the fittings and most no idea of what a carburetor is or how it works.

Items that should be done at least annually or more often if you really use the car;

  • Oil change
  • Filter change
  • Lubrication
  • Brake fluid, change
  • Brakes check pads or shoes for adequate linings
  • Air pressure check all tires including the spare
  • Coolant change
  • Transmission, check and top off if required
  • Rear axle, check and top off as required
  • Battery, if required check fluid level and charge level
  • Power steering, if equipped, check level
  • Check for any fluid leaks, repair as required

The above list is generic your car may differ. Contact us for your service needs. We service all cars from the twenties to the seventies.

Sports Leicht did a fabulous restoration of my MB 220s cabriolet. I would not entrust the maintenance of my 1959 MB 220S to any other person. Alan Babigan DDS