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1955 Mercedes Benz 300 SL GULLWING

This Gullwing represents the very best; a beautiful, numbers-matching 300SL Gullwing that was shipped to New York in August of 1955 as a special order.

  • Chassis # 198-040-55-00668
  • Engine # 198-980-55-00707
  • Body # 198-040-55-00646
  • Order# 7590110
  • Completed: 24 August 1955
  • Shipped: 26 August 1955
  • Color: DB 50 White
  • Upholstery: 1079 Red Leather
  • Destination: New York NY
  • Special order Purchased by current owner December 2012 with 66,130 miles

The first known owner is Hubert Cook who purchased the car the same year. The car remained in the Cook family for approximately 56 years. Mr. Cook operated a successful furniture business in Dallas and was also a member of Dallas Country Club. A noted collector, his interest in fine automobiles continued throughout his adult life. He founded the North Texas Region of the Classic Car Club of America. Records indicate that in 1961, Mr. Cook went out of town. His daughter Susan said “he didn’t tell me not to drive it.” After starting the car in the garage and realizing she left something in the house, she left it in neutral and got out. The car rolled out of the garage and a small dent was formed when the rear of the car came to rest against a telephone pole at the end of the drive. After full repair, Mr. Cook entered three cars into the 1963 “Joint Concourse d’Elegance” (SCCA and CCCA) where the overall winner was this Gullwing.

Ownership passed in 2012 to the current owner, also a collector, who commissioned a three-year frame off restoration which was completed by Sports Leicht (SL) Restorations in 2016. Following this, it was entered into the Pinehurst Concourse d ‘Elegance where it earned the Mercedes Benz Club award of Excellence. It comes complete with dozens of original service records dating back over 50 years. It also comes with all belly pans, tools and luggage set.